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      About CPALock

CPALock provides publishers the opportunity to monetize their content via our specialized ad locking tools. Our CPA network combined with mobile CPI Offers gives affiliates the ability to make money by generating leads and protecting content.

We are connected with thousands of various advertisers to provide you the best targeted campaigns available for your traffic. Our ad locking technology gives you smarter ways to protect your content and make money from your visitors.

Our CPA locking tools ensure you get paid money for every download, every lead completed, and every offer wall visitor who completes a survey or installs a mobile app. Our smart targeting technology automatically selects the best performing campaign for your visitor targeting by the users OS (windows,iphone,ipad,etc) as well as country to ensure you get the most money for every lead. The smart targeting capabilities ensure that your lockers such as (file locker, link locker, content locker, offerwall, and Smart Link) are optimized with the best performing locked ads available calculated by the highest conversions rates combined with the highest payouts.

Our in depth proprietary CPA network allows us to give you better real-time statistics of your visitors clicks and leads. Our advanced tools via API give publishers the ability to retrieve data via offers API as well as receive data via Postback API.

We are constantly upgrading our ad locking platform with more advanced tools as well as tweaking our algorithms to make sure you get the most money for every lead completed.